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The problem of access control card!

⒈ door card demagnetization how to do?

The problem of access cards!

The door card demagnetization can not be restored, equivalent to the card is scrapped, a new card to the property. Because the card demagnetization, the magnetic stripe can not write the user information on the card writer, once the door card demagnetization is useless. When replacing the property card, bring your ID card, room number and other identification information to facilitate the property to enter the door card.

How to set up the access control card?

? First, download the access control system, then register your user name and enter your password. After entering the system, click on "Option Cards" and then add.

?The users access card will appear on the page, and then you can fill in the serial number according to the access card. Once filled in, the new access card will be completed.

? If you want to view or print the attendance sheet in the future, you can click "Monthly Report" in the parameter and then you can view the clocking information.

What are the application options for access control cards?

? There are CPU cards, EM cards, etc. Currently, more EM cards and M1 cards are used, so you can choose EM or M1 as your main card when selecting the application. Because cards that are not commonly used are not mature in terms of technology and accessories, they can cause some trouble later in life.

?If for common access control, EM card is a more practical card, not only with high market share but also with long reading distance and very mature technical practice, but this card is only a read-only card, and some expense or transaction functions do not work very well.

? If it is used for consumer users, such as record or transfer, then M1 card can be practical. If you want more detailed content or transactions, then the CPU card is more secure than the M1 card.

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