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Access card replication is simple, security problems in small areas is worrying

A few days ago, there are many places are reported about the community access card was copied things. Although some communities to prevent access to outsiders, set up access control systems, the implementation of closed management, but a lot of community access control system just used for a period of time has become a decoration, because we have a new industry around - "access card copy". Do not need any identification materials, a few minutes to copy the exact same access card and the property sold.

Access card

Faced with the problem of access cards being copied card cube for everyone to do a little analysis. Nowadays, many community access cards are ID cards, and now the ID card password has been cracked, so all we need is an ID card duplicating machine, and we can copy the access card at will. Although this brings great convenience to customers, but at the same time to the security of our living environment has brought danger.

The access card duplication industry is now an open secret, and the duplication of access cards does not require any materials, as long as the public provide an access card being used, they can be copied accordingly, and can be done in a few minutes. Depending on the type of card, its rates range from a few dozen to several hundred dollars. Subsequently, the reporter investigated and interviewed several other locksmith companies, most of them can undertake this business, and do not provide identification information can be copied as usual.

For this situation we are inevitable, card cube suggests that the majority of residential users and property management, now the best solution is to replace the access card, the original ID access card card replacement card cube IC access card, this is from the most fundamental to solve the problem of access cards are copied. So why say IC card access card is the best it is mainly from its own advantages and decided.

IC access card advantages.

1, high security, not easy to be copied

IC card has an encryption function, you can set the password in the card, identity verification, if the password check several times (generally three times) is still incorrect, the card will be automatically burned can not continue to use, so you can effectively prevent the theft of user information malicious verification. And each IC card is set on the effective use period, if the IC card exceeds the expiration date, all the information of the user will be automatically deleted from the control module of the access control subsystem, the card is invalid.


Users or property in order to reduce the hard

Access control card copy simple small area security issues are worrying

Piece cost, a sub-control module can be designed to control multiple doors at the same time, for example, when using I-7188 as a sub-control module, a sub-control module can control three doors at the same time, in fact, this configuration is equivalent to a macro parallel processing mechanism.


IC card also has multi-functionality. For example, the user rights table can be arbitrarily set by the manager, the use of very flexible, it is easy to meet the "one door, one card", "one door, multiple cards", "multiple doors, one card" and other different requirements.

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