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The production standard of transparent card

Transparent membership card gives people a clean and fashionable image loved by people, there is a certain market demand, but now the card industry regulatory chaos often unqualified transparent cards into the market to reduce the market, in fact, there are certain production standards in the production process of transparent cards, card cube company here to guide you to understand.

Transparent card production standards

Transparent IC card

Surface finish of transparent cards

After months or even years of use, the surface is still smooth, clear and durable, which provides convenience for customers and end-users to manage membership cards and is significantly better than membership cards that are easily faded and broken.

Transparent card whiteness

Because card manufacturers do not produce PVC material, PVC materials are professional PVC provided by the material manufacturer, the purchase price distinction criteria are generally whiteness. The whiter the card base, the higher the purchase price. Card Cube uses brand new imported raw materials, which cost about 40% compared to those who adulterate with recycled materials, but it is worth to exchange pure white and quality cards for customers.

Transparent Card Thickness

In order to save material cost, some card manufacturers often do not customize card material according to the international thickness standard of membership cards, so that the thickness of transparent cards is less than 0.76MM to save material cost. If the membership card thickness is strictly in accordance with international standards, it will certainly be greater than 0.76MM thickness.

Transparent card color difference

Observe the color difference of the transparent card, observe the color difference between the first and last batch is very small, because the use of high-quality ink, can make the transparent card printing color is not easy to distort or discoloration.

Transparent card without odor

The production of qualified transparent membership cards should meet international standards, lead-free and nickel-free, environmentally friendly and odorless.

Today, a customer who produces transparent cards asked me how to check the quality of transparent cards. For this quality issue, I will give you several dimensions to check the quality of transparent cards.

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