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The difference between IC card and ID card

According to the use function, RF IC card is divided into ID card, consumer IC card, logistics marker card, remote identification card.

At present, a lot of card projects, but there are still great doubts and misunderstandings about whether to use IC card or use ID card to make a card. Here we will talk about the two main differences between the two cards to help you get rid of the misunderstanding.

Terminology explanation.

ID card full name identification card (IdentificationCard), it is a kind of induction card can not be written, including fixed number, mainly including Taiwan SYRISEM format, the United States HID, TI, a variety of ID cards, such as MOTOROLA.

Integrated circuit card full name integrated circuit card (IntegratedCircuitCard), also known as ID card (SmartCard). Can read and write, large capacity, strong encryption function, data records can be *, more convenient to use, such as a card system, consumer systems, etc. At present, there are mainly PHILIPSMifare series cards.

IC card why do the initialization (i.e. encryption) work, while ID cards do not need?

1, IC card initialization encryption, handed to the user, the customer through the IC card issuance system to generate their own system of special keys. This ensures that the user cards issued in other user systems cannot be used in the system, thus ensuring the security of the system using the mechanism.

2、When using IC card, it must pass the unique two-way key authentication between IC card and reading and writing equipment to carry out related work, so that the whole system has high security. Therefore, the company factory IC card must be initialized (i.e. encrypted), the purpose is to generate the unbreakable one card system key in the factory IC card to ensure the security distribution mechanism of one card system.

3, ID card and magnetic card, only use the "card number" just, in addition to the card number, there is no confidentiality function within the card. The "card number" it is open and bare. Therefore, ID card is "inductive magnetic card", there is no way to talk about the need or not need to initialize.

Why not let the user do the initialization process himself? This is because

1) If the user initializes himself, he cannot prevent the user from internal cheating. Because when the user uses the card system, if the employee uses the social card initialization, it can be issued as a resident to use the card, or even recharge the card to spend, which will not only cause serious consequences of cheating, but also lead to serious loopholes in the card system security use mechanism.

2), In addition, if the user buys inferior factory cards and cannot use them in the system, it will make the system perform poorly or paralyze, resulting in unclear responsibility for accidents.

3), If due to the lack of professional management by the user, if the initial authorization key card is lost, the user and the manufacturer will not be able to replenish the card. Therefore, the initialization is done by the manufacturer to ensure security.

4), The initialization process implemented by the manufacturer is mainly a basic need for the IC card security key authentication mechanism and is also prescribed by the IC card system integrator. Just like urban public transportation IC cards, the key of each card should be encrypted and controlled before it is delivered to the public transportation system.

Second, the comparison of IC card system and ID card system


ID card can not write data, its record content (card number) can only be written by the chip manufacturer once, the developer can only read the card number to use, can not develop a new digital management system according to the actual needs of the system. IC card can not only be read by authorized users a large amount of data, but also can be written by authorized users a large amount of data (such as new card number, user rights, user data, etc.). IC card record content can be repeatedly Erase.


The security of IC card is much greater than that of ID card. ID card has no permission to read the card number and is easy to imitate.

IC card recorded data read and write need corresponding password authentication, even each area has a different password protection, in order to fully protect data security. IC card write data password can be different from the read data password, providing a good hierarchical management method to ensure the security of the system.

3、Storage capacity.

ID card only records the card number; IC card (such as Philipsmifare1 card) can record about 1000 characters.

4、Off-line and network operation.

Since there is no content in ID card, its card holders authority and system function operation completely depends on the support of computer network platform database. IC card itself records a large amount of user-related content (card number, user data, authority, consumption balance and other information), and can be completely separated from the computer platform operation, to achieve network and offline automatic conversion mode of operation, can meet the needs of extensive use and less wiring.

5、One card extended application.

ID card can only rely on network software to handle the information of each subsystem, because it has no records and partitions, which greatly increases the reliance on network; if users want to add function points after the ID card system is completed, they need additional wiring, which not only increases the difficulty of engineering construction, but also adds unnecessary investment. Therefore, using ID card as a system, it is difficult to expand the system and realize a real one-card. IC card storage area itself is divided into 16 partitions, each partition has a different password, with multiple subsystem independent management functions, such as the first partition access control, the second partition consumption, the third partition staff attendance, etc., fully realize the purpose of the card, can realize a completely modular design, the user even if you want to increase the function point, it does not Need wiring, only need to increase the hardware and software modules, convenient IC card system upgrade expansion at any time, to achieve stable upgrade, reduce repeat investment. For example, a community has established an ID card card system, but due to the above-mentioned shortcomings of the ID card system, the system can not be put into daily use, so it can only be completely invalid, and then changed to an IC card card system.

6. Maintenance and operation of intelligent systems.

For example, when the computer issues a new user ID card, all ID card numbers must be manually downloaded to each ID card reader controller through the network of the ID card system, otherwise the ID card cannot be used as an invalid card; if user privileges need to be changed, the privileged ID card number needs to be entered on each ID card controller. Another example is: if the system is put into use after often need to add ID card, you must enter the card number on all controllers of the card, which greatly increases the workload and time of manual operation and maintenance; in addition, if the multi-cartoon subsystem or subsystem is slightly larger, the complexity of system maintenance management will be geometrically increased, directly leading to the system can not operate normally. The use of IC card card system, IC card issued, the card itself is a data information carrier. Even if the communication network is not connected, the read-write controller will realize the off-board read-write operation as usual; if the user authority changes, the user authority can be written directly in the IC card. New users only need to modify the card to change the permissions, no need to modify each controller, from the technical mechanism to avoid the problem of managers everywhere to change the controller card use permissions, to improve management efficiency, to achieve the purpose of intelligent management.

7, a card industry has two conclusions.

ID card can not be made into a card (as mentioned above), ID card can not be consumed: ID card can not be consumed for the biggest reason is the "credit" problem. Since ID cards do not have a key security authentication mechanism and cannot be written, the consumption data and amount can only exist in the computer database, which is managed by the *property manager, and there is absolutely no room for cheating, and in addition, if computer problems cause the consumption data to crash, there will be disastrous consequences. Therefore, consumers are unlikely to agree with the authority (i.e., credit) of the community-managed ID card, and excessive monetary disputes can only make the ID card consumption system unusable. the IC card consumption system complies with the ISO9001 international security certification mechanism because of its high *ability and unbreakability, mainly because of the "e-purse", i.e. IC card in the hands of the user, each consumption amount is paid by the user "master" therefore, IC card consumption system in the hands of the very important "credit" consumption system. Of course, in the state of the Internet, the computer still has the same data as the user IC card, which also realizes the dual security data configuration of the system.

8, cost performance.

Although ID card and ID card reader is cheaper than IC card and reader, but from the composition of the whole a card system (wiring costs and structure composition), the price of the two systems is the same, only IC card system to be stable and * operation, so the cost performance of the IC card system is much higher than the ID card system. In addition, considering the immaturity of todays community hardware environment and the fact that system maintenance personnel are not familiar with computer knowledge, it is impossible to establish or maintain a complete network system to support the 24-hour continuous network operation of the ID card one card system. Therefore, the intelligent ID card one card system to meet the needs of the Internet and offline operation is the only choice for todays users.

9, IC card used as ID card "strange" phenomenon.

Because of the powerful advantages of IC cards, some ID card equipment and system manufacturers also claim that their systems can use IC cards, but in fact, just like using ID cards, they only use the IC card common area card number, without changing the IC card system structure, not to mention the IC card has the key authentication and read-write

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Comparison of IC card and ID card system
Comparison of IC card system and ID card system


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