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What is the difference between IC card and ID card?

The use of IC cards and ID cards is expanding, and the market demand for IC cards is growing. However, many people dont know how to choose IC card or ID card because they dont know the difference between IC card and ID card.

1.Consider the security performance

The security performance of IC card will be much better than ID card, depending on their different characteristics. the content in ID card does not have any permission and can be copied easily, but IC card is different. Its internal data is protected by a password. More importantly, it is more accurate in terms of confidentiality and different areas will have different passwords. The security of all data can be truly protected in this form. Therefore, from the point of view of security performance, the security of IC card will be much better than ID card.

2. Consider storage capacity

The storage capacity of IC card is very different from that of ID card. IC card has a large capacity, while ID card can only record about 1000 characters. This storage capacity can easily affect the application area of IC and ID.

3. Consider offline and networked

The content recorded in ID card is relatively small, basically only record the card oh, so the cardholder needs to rely on the computer when operating. But IC card is different, it records more contents, such as IC card used in clothing store, the card will have the basic information of members, consumption records, consumption records and other information. It can realize the use of Internet and offline, and can support wider use more greatly.

4. Considering writable information

When customers choose IC card and ID card, they should also consider whether they can write information. ID card is written by factory once, so users cant write data individually when reading the card number. IC card can write a lot of data by users and can be modified according to customers needs.

The comparison of IC card and ID card can be done mainly by the above points. By comparison, we can clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of IC card and ID card, and seriously affect their fields of use. For example, IC cards are more common and available in the field of one-card use, but ID cards use systems that can be extended so that one-card cannot really be implemented. Therefore, customers should consider carefully when choosing IC cards and ID cards.

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