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ID card manufacturers: contactless IC card

Contactless IC card is also called RFID card and laminated board with chip and antenna. It communicates with electromagnetic induction theory and reading device, and there is no contact point on the card surface. Compared with contact IC cards, induction cards are highly reliable and easy to operate. Even if the chip on the surface of the card is not visible, better printed cards can be read in different directions.

Contactless IC card is the advanced technology of existing international ID card industry. We can classify the logical security cards and CPU cards according to different internal integrated circuits. It is mainly used for resident ID card, land card, bus card, access card, membership card, etc.

Contactless IC card has high reliability and direct contact with the device to avoid any failure of dust or clogged card. Contactless IC cards have fast anti-collision function to prevent data interference and enable the reader to read more cards at the same time. Their memory structure can be used in different systems. One can set different passwords or access conditions for different applications. High encryption and mutual authentication verification with operating passwords and access conditions for each part.

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