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What are the different kinds of ID cards?

ID cards are very common in our life, we often use ID cards, social security cards, and we need to use access cards to enter and exit the community, take the bus to use the bus card, etc., all belong to ID cards, so what are the ID cards? How do we classify ID cards?

1. PVC material ID card

We can see some ID cards are made very beautiful, its appearance has a glossy, frosted, matte and other different surfaces, in the above is also printed on the font or pattern, which belongs to the PVC material ID card, this ID card generally belongs to the VIP card, membership card, warranty card, etc., the luxury appearance gives a sense of class, this card has a standard size.

2. Induction ID card

Induction ID card is also called contactless ID card, it has many different types, according to the different transmitting frequency, it is divided into high-frequency card and low-frequency card, according to the use of power, it is divided into active card and passive card, according to its different reading and writing functions, and it is divided into IC card and ID card, induction ID card in the use of a number of advantages, and therefore in our The inductive ID card shows many advantages in the use, so in our life more and more widely used.

3. ID card with magnetic media

Magnetic card is now also more widely used, it is made of plastic material with high strength and high temperature resistance, or covered with a layer of plastic outside the paper, it has a good moisture-proof, wear-resistant characteristics when in use, its flexibility is very good, very convenient to carry, and very stable when used, this card is very simple to use, because in the magnetic side of the card will print some operational information, such as the direction of the card. For example, the direction of inserting the card.

4. printed barcode ID card

Now there are some ID cards are barcoded, it is in accordance with the rules of the code to arrange the bar blank symbol, it is very fast in the use of reading, and it is relatively simple to produce, it is often used in the field of business automation, in the field of warehouse management and attendance management will often use this barcode ID card.

5. License ID card

Now people have work permits, drivers licenses and other types of documents, these ID cards are also known as license ID cards, it is based on the PVC card, the use of internal imaging technology or thermal sublimation printer to print the portrait card and manufactured, its security and anti-counterfeiting performance is very high, and the use of a very long life.

Now all kinds of ID cards are very much, it brings great convenience to peoples life, different ID cards use different methods, in the use of different effects can be achieved, so people must first understand the various types of ID cards.

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