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ID card and IC card

The biggest reason why ID card cant do consumption is "credit" problem. Because ID card does not have a key security authentication mechanism, and can not write the card, so the consumption data and the amount of money can only exist in the database of the computer, and the computer is to rely on the management of the property management staff, from the reasoning and mechanism there is room for cheating, in addition, in case of computer problems caused by the collapse of consumption data, there will be disastrous consequences.

Therefore, it is impossible to make consumers agree with the authority (i.e. credit) of the ID card in management. Too many monetary disputes can only make the ID card consumption system unusable, especially in public systems, such as community management systems.

IC card consumption system, because of its high reliability, can not be broken in line with the ISO9001 international security certification mechanism, but mainly because the "electronic wallet" that is, IC card in the hands of the user, each consumption amount by the user has "master" in Therefore, the IC card consumption system is an extremely "creditable" consumption system. Of course, in the networked state, the computer also has the same data as the users IC card, which is also a double security data backup for the system.

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