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Customized number ID card, all consecutive number ID card, designated number ID card

ID chip production, the card code number is generally cured unchanged, such as ID thick card with the same 18-bit ID internal code number. 18-bit internal code number actually consists of two coding formats, the first 10 bits ABA8H-10D after 8 bits for the coding format WG26 code format.

Today, many customers need to feature number ID cards, such as consecutive ID cards, ID cards with the same number, special number ID specified number of card ID cards. The following practices are commonly used in the market.

First, the number of small general use T5577, EM4305 and other low-frequency chip, write the specified number to make special number ID card.

Second, the number of more for the chip company to customize the specified number ID chip, come back to mass production, and then the number of scheduling.

The cost of both production methods are relatively high, even if the cost of mass production will be more than $1.

To meet the market demand, card cube card joint chip set

Customized number segment ID card, full consecutive number ID card, specified number ID card

The plan company specially developed a specific plan company ID chip, after the card production is completed, the number can be written by specific equipment, ID can be produced in accordance with the way the customer specified the number. All custom number ID cards, full serial number ID cards, specified special number ID all cards can be produced. And according to the customers requirements, ID cards can be packaged into drip ID cards, ID color printing cards, ID thin cards, ID thick cards, etc.

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