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What are the characteristics of digital portrait cards?

Portrait card is a very personalized card, printed by a special digital printing machine, which not only ensures the beauty of the portrait, but also more relevant. It has long been popular with schools, businesses and institutions. What is the magic of portrait cards? Today, follow the small side of Card Cube to understand the features of digital portrait cards.

What are the features of digital portrait cards?

And what is a portrait card?

Portrait card is a personal information card made by advanced digital printing, i.e. portrait, name, number, image, name, number, direct printing image, barcode and other data PVC card can be used as various work cards, access cards, badge cards, membership cards, temporary residence cards, membership cards, VIP cards, IC cards, ID cards, color photo cards, etc.

What are the characteristics of digital portrait card identification?

The characteristics of the portrait recognition card is scanned and printed directly on the card, the effect is very clear, the same as the photo. The printer automatically covers the card when printing, so the card is not afraid of water, does not fade, and has a long use time. The base card of the portrait identification card can be a general PVC card, or a magnetic card or IC card sheet, depending on the customers usage. When making identification cards, watermark anti-counterfeit or anti-counterfeit film can be added to prevent forgery.

What are the advantages of digital portrait cards?

Compared to the lamination-free PVC commonly found in the market and cards, digital portrait cards have the following advantages through high-temperature and high-pressure laminated PVC.

? Vibrant colors and high gloss.

? High color reproduction rate, no distortion compared to real photos.

? Image and PVC material become one through high temperature and pressure, with wear-resistant, waterproof, high toughness, no delamination, no film removal, no fading. ? Long time unlaminated card will lose film, delamination and fading, which is incomparable to unlaminated card.

? Portrait card production process: portrait card production can be personalized convex code (English letters plus number), personalized flat code, signature strip, bar code, spray code scratch strip, hot stamping gold, silver, hot laser gold, silver, punching (optional round hole, flat hole) and other personalized process. Customers can make ordinary cards and chip cards according to their needs.

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