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The advantages of the barcode card introduction!

⒈ bar code technology application range.

The advantages of the bar code card!

The application of bar code technology in warehouse management: three-dimensional warehouse is an important part of modern industrial production. The use of bar code technology, you can complete the positioning of warehouse goods, positioning and operation, improve the speed of identification, reduce human error, improve the level of warehouse management. Barcode technology is also widely used in traffic management, financial document management, commercial document management, medical record management, blood bank blood management and various classification techniques. Barcode technology has been widely used in various fields of data identification and automatic data entry.

Definition of barcode card

Bar code is a set of information consisting of bar and empty symbols arranged according to certain coding rules, used to represent certain characters, numbers and symbols. The bar code system is an automatic identification system consisting of bar code symbol design, production and scanning and reading.

The advantages of bar code technology

① Large amount of information collection.

The traditional one-dimensional barcode can collect information of tens of characters at a time, and the two-dimensional barcode can carry information of thousands of characters and has certain automatic error correction capability.

②Fast input speed.

Compared with keyboard input, the speed of barcode input is 6 times faster than keyboard input, and instant data input can be realized.

③Flexible and practical.

The barcode label can not only be used alone as an identification means, but also form a system with related identification equipment to realize automatic identification, and can be connected with other control equipment to realize automatic management.

In addition, bar code labels are easy to make, no special requirements for equipment and materials, easy to identify equipment operation, no special training, equipment is relatively cheap.

④ Low error rate.

The error rate of keyboard input data is 3%, the error rate of optical character recognition technology is one ten thousandth, and the error rate of barcode technology is less than one millionth.

The barcode card is simple to make, and the ordinary barcode can be printed or copied according to certain requirements, so the cost is low, but its reading equipment (especially the two-dimensional code reading equipment) is more expensive. Unlike magnetic cards and ICs, the information in barcode cards cannot be rewritten. In addition, poor security and non-uniform standards limit its application.

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