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Inductive PVC card into the medical industry to improve the efficiency of hospital visits

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The most common card we use in the medical industry is the hospital card. Hospital cards initially used magnetic stripe cards. With the continuous development of information technology, the hospital card is also upgrading and using PVC to replace the magnetic stripe card and improve efficiency!

PVC can be divided into inductive PVC cards and contact PVC but hospital medical cards are inductive PVC cards, inductive PVC cards are a new technology that will successfully combine radio frequency technology with PVC card technology, solving the problem of passive and contact-free, is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic equipment.

Advantages of PVC cards.

1. High security.

PVC card security is high, PVC reading card recorded data reading and writing requires the corresponding password authentication, and even each area within the card has a different password protection, comprehensive protection of data security. PVC card write data password is different from the password to read data, providing a good hierarchical management method to ensure the security of the system.

2. Recordable.

PVC authorized users can not only read a large amount of data, but also write a large amount of data (such as new card number, user rights, user information, etc.). the contents recorded by the PVC card can be repeatedly erased.

Inductive PVC card

3. Storage capacity.

And PVC card (such as Philips mifare1 card) can record about 1000 characters of content.

4. Offline and network operation

PVC card itself records a large number of user-related content (card number, user data, permissions, consumption balance and a lot of other information), can be run completely off the computer platform, to achieve network and automatic conversion mode of operation, can meet the needs of widespread use, less wiring.

5. One card extended application.

PVC card has a storage area, divided into 16 partitions each partition password is different, with multiple subsystems independent management functions, such as the first partition access control, the second partition consumption, staff attendance, etc.. To fully realize the purpose of a card, and can achieve a completely modular design, the user even if you want to increase the number of functional points, there is no need to re-wire, only to increase the hardware and software modules, which facilitates the expansion of PVC card system upgrades at any time, to achieve a smooth upgrade and reduce repeat investment.

Hospital medical card selection induction PVC card is mainly induction PVC card advantages: 1.

1. induction cards do not require a special power supply.

2. No mechanical contact with the reader to avoid contact failure.

3. no bare chip on its surface, waterproof, not easy to produce electrostatic breakdown and bending damage.

4. There is no front or back side when using induction cards.

In short, inductive PVC card has the ability to

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