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What is the difference between contactless IC card and contact ic card

IC card can be divided into contactless ic card and contact ic card, they are both our common smart cards. But many people dont know much about ic cards, and ask what is the difference between contactless ic cards and contact ic cards? Lets take a look.

What is the difference between contactless IC card and contact IC card?

Contactless IC card

Contactless IC, also known as RF card, consists of IC chip, induction antenna, packaged in a standard PVC chip and antenna in the card without exposed parts. This is a new technology developed in the world in recent years. It successfully combines radio frequency identification technology and IC card technology, ending the problem of passive (no power in the card) and contact-free, is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic equipment. Card in a certain distance (usually is 5-10)mm) close to the read-write surface, through the radio wave transmission to complete the data read-write operation.

Non-contact IC read-write operation through the radio wave between the card and the card reader to complete. The communication frequency between the two is 13.56MHZ. non-contact IC card itself is a passive card. When the reader reads and writes the card, the reader sends out the signal by two parts superimposed: One part is the power signal, the signal is received by the card and receives L/C with itself to provide instantaneous energy for the chip work. Another part is the instruction and the data signal, the command chip completes the data reading, the modification and the storage, and the signal returns to the read-write to complete the read-write operation. The reader is generally composed of microcontroller, special intelligent module and antenna PC communication interface, printing port, I/O in order to be applied to different fields, port, etc.

Contact type ic card

Contact IC card reader can read and write the ISO7816 standard IC card. IC card interface circuit IC card and the CPU within the IFD in order to ensure the security and reliability of communication and data exchange, the only channel of communication must meet certain requirements.

1. Complete the identification operation of IC card insertion and withdrawal.

2. Provide stable power supply to the card through the contact.

3. To provide stable clock to the card through the contact.

Contact IC card is divided into three types: Memory Card or Memory Card; Smart Card with CPU; and Super Smart Card with display and keyboard and CPU. The advantages are large storage capacity, high security and easy to carry.

For example, we first use cell phone SIM card, UIM card, USIM now banks are promoting the financial card IC card, all belong to the CPU card belongs to the smart card with computing power. Room cards for hotel doors, early health insurance cards and membership cards belong to data storage cards. These cards have logic protection and some do not. But they do not have data processing capability.

In fact, contactless ic card and contact ic we can distinguish the card by the surface of the smart card, such as contact ic card chip exposed, before reading the data must contact with the reader; contactless ic card its chip no exposed, the reader reads the card without contact to read the data, that is, the main difference between contact ic card and contactless ic card. Related products link: inductive ic card id card cpu card

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