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Visual card application classification

Visible cards can be divided into thin cards, chip cards, and magnetic stripe cards, thin cards are made directly from imported heat-sensitive materials, because the back of the thin card has magnetic powder, can be directly sent to the visible card printer for printing.

     Visible magnetic stripe cards are made by attaching a high-grade magnetic stripe to the back of the visible card (note: the magnetic stripe must be attached to the back of the visible card), and the information can be read and written directly on the card surface through the printer.

     The visual chip card has a chip embedded in the card and the information is read by sensing the chip through a sensor in the printer. The thermal induction film on the card face can be used repeatedly, and it takes about 5-6 seconds to update the information for each viewing of the chip, making it quick and intuitive to consume to arouse customers interest in holding the card.

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