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The role and use of frosted cards in the presence of cards

Frosting is the original smooth surface of the object to become unsmooth, so that light irradiation on the surface to form a diffuse reflection-like process. For example, frosted glass to make it opaque, frosted leather, so that the surface is not so bright compared to the general leather. In cosmetology, frosting the skin is also a common method. It refers to the effect of exfoliating the skin by gently massaging the skin with some small granular beauty substance.

Card-making process.

Frosted card itself exists a lot of advantages, compared with the ordinary membership card, frosted card is not easy to be scratched and feel good. In the production process, the frosted card is only formed by lamination of frosted steel plate in the combined layer. The frosted steel plate can be adjusted at will to produce frosted cards of different sizes of particles.

Market use.

Frosted card its advantages noble and elegant, does not show scratches, it its main use transport in such as shopping malls, supermarkets, medicine, catering, entertainment, health care, leisure, hotels, hotels, beauty, hairdressing, clothing, fitness, automotive, photography and so on industry, mainly for senior supreme membership card and other various industries, membership card management mode is a current retail industry sales model, it can not only improve customer return rate, loyalty. It can also achieve the effect of company promotion and bring more benefits to the enterprise.

Frosted card production types.

Material quality frosted, small grain sand, large grain sand, gold sand, silver sand.

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