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HCDIC-U serial number IC card reader for merchants to solve the problem of heavy code, messy code

Many enterprises are in the process of reading and writing ic in the card, will have a large amount of card, the internal code repeat, messy code and other experiences. Today, according to this phenomenon, Card Cube independently developed a driver-free serial number IC card reader for businesses to solve the problem of heavy code and messy code.

HCDIC-U serial number IC card reader can solve the problem of heavy code and messy code for merchants.

Serial number IC card reader

Then read the IC heavy code and messy code is how to produce in the process of the card?

The ic chip wafer production process burned card code, ic crystal wafer through the chip binding made COB, COB and then by the card packaging manufacturer for antenna welding, lamination, printing and other processes ic card.

In the whole process, because the order of the use of wafers can not be controlled, the general card factory production ic card in the code is disorderly, without any rules. This is undoubtedly a nightmare for software that uses internal codes and cannot know the number of different batches, custom cards or even heavy codes.

How do we usually solve the problem of heavy numbers and garbled codes? Summarized as follows.

1、Solve the card production process from ic

Customize a batch of consecutive number crystal elements through the chip manufacturer, and then let the card manufacturer bind and produce them individually. After the production of the card, manually arrange the number to complete the customization of the consecutive number card.

Disadvantages: The cost of providing customization services by a small number of manufacturers individually is so high that no one wants to do it. The labor cost of the subsequent numbering process is even higher, and the added time and labor cost of the entire card production is much higher than the value of the card itself. In addition, how to fill in the numbers is a hassle.

2. Another way to solve the problem is to write the card with a replacement chip

Number by replacing the chip to complete the id card / ic production card id card can be through the T5577, EM4305, EM replacement 4102 and other chips, production is completed through the software and reader to write the corresponding running number and standard id with the card. This production, greatly save labor costs.

Disadvantages: Because the cost price of T5577, EM4305, EM4102 and other chips is much higher than the cost of id chips, the final card factory cost will also be much higher than id cards. In addition, with the emergence of the market id card duplication machine, with the number id at any time to copy the card, security is greatly reduced.

3. Through the equipment to change the IC solution card application mode

IC the card is a kind of encryptable memory card, its security is higher than the id card, but the ic card does not have a corresponding replacement chip, then how to achieve the serial number? The general method is to write consecutive card number in specific fan area and block, then encrypt and read the card number by card reader.

Disadvantages: because ic card is encrypted memory card, use must use ic will card reader development interface integrated into the software used, need software company through secondary development to complete, which undoubtedly increased the threshold of use.

The above are three ways to solve the phenomenon of heavy code and messy code, but still bring a lot of trouble to the merchants. Todays card cube production HXDIC-U even number IC card reader does not need secondary development, integrated software or driver, can easily read the card, avoid heavy code and messy code!

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