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Basic parameters and production process of ALIEN 9662 long-range electronic tag

The electronic tag, also known as radio frequency tag and transponder, is coupled through the space between the coupling element and the reader (contactless); in the coupling channel, energy transfer and data exchange are realized according to the time sequence relationship. It is currently used in the fields of pedestrian accessibility, ticketing, logistics, warehouse management, etc.

Basic parameters and production process of ALIEN 9662 long-distance range tags

Electronic tags

I. Alien H3 electronic label Product details, specifications, Alien 9662 electronic label Basic parameters

1、Tag chip manufacturer: Alien

2、Electronic label model: Higgs-3 Alien 9662

3、Frequency: 860~960Mhz

4、Protocol: ISOIEC 18000-6C & EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2

5、EPC capacity: 96 - 480 Bits;

6.Package material 160gms coated paper

7. Antenna material: etched aluminum foil.

Antenna size: 80(L)20(W)mm;

Label size: 7323mm;

10. reading and writing distance: 7m 23.0ft (related to the reader and environment) 7m 23.0ft (related to the reader and environment)

11. 10 years of data retention

12. Readable and writable: 100000 times

II. Alien 9662 electronic label production size.

1. Size: 85mm×54mm×0.86mm Package material: 160g coated paper

2. Weight: 1.85kg±0.05kg roll; 8.13kg±0.20kg case.

3. Quantity: 1,000pcs roll x 4 rolls case ISO 9001 certified and SGS certificate obtained

3. Alien 9662 optional electronic label printing process.

1. ink printing barcode and numbers.

2. Single color screen printing picture and LOGO.

Alien H3 electronic tag application BG- PL-1 type RFID is currently the most sensitive tag Alien H3 chip, the worlds only 64 chip ID number, combined with the business grid (BizGridTM) at low power, the tag antenna design can still provide enough reflected signal to read the tag in a wider range. bg- PL-1 type RFID tag antenna with slit design, can be read effectively when more RFID tags are stacked, suitable for item level applications

Electronic Tags

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