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Drip card - Leading the fashion trend of smart card industry

In the past, we seldom saw drip cards. Now, with the continuous development of electronic technology, drip cards are developing well in the market. At present, the functions of drip cards vary in various fields, but drip cards are small and delicate, easy to carry, and are popular among people. Drip cards are now the leading trend in the smart card industry.

Drip cards

Drip cards are crystal clear in appearance and are also known as crystal cards. The crystal glue on the surface of this card is made of a unique ratio, which makes the smart card waterproof, wear-resistant and folding-resistant. And with a more beautiful appearance, it was immediately loved by fashionable young people as soon as it was launched.

In recent years, Chinas major cities have carried out large-scale urban one-card. At present, more than 150 cities have issued City One Card

Drip card - leading the fashion trend of smart card industry

The total number of cards has reached 200 million. This has greatly facilitated the life, travel and consumption of citizens and accelerated the process of urban informatization. City One Card is also an ideal way of life for card operators and citizens. As a new type of smart card product, the drip card will certainly promote the sales of City One Card operation and sales products and become a growth point for operators interests.

Currently, drip cards are invested in the high-end gift market in many cities. The scarcity of the product has led many people to try to obtain it. The exquisite design and small gesture of drip cards often sell at quite high prices, but they also become a good platform for many companies to promote their corporate image and products.

Many companies issue the product as a gift while making the most effective promotion for their company and products. Since the product can be directly held by the target audience, it greatly improves the reach and publicity of corporate advertising. At present, the drip cards have been issued in all provinces and cities in China and are well liked by the public.

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