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Foreign countries use RFID technology in tunnels to monitor the degree of air pollution

RFID technology is widely used today, and now many countries will RFID in various areas of life using technology, lets look at foreign applications of RFID monitoring the degree of air pollution in the tunnel technology is how to achieve!

Currently, the Swedish Ministry of National Transport RFID North Loop using technology (Norra L?nken) air quality monitoring in the tunnel is located in the north of Stockholm, up to 6 km (3 km).7 miles long), is still under construction. Since February 2009, RFID the system has been in operation and the tunnel is expected to be completed in 2015. Identec is providing the solution.

The North Rim Tunnel is managed by five separate tunnel contractors and includes five construction zones. Each worker wears a built-in gas sensor RFID monitor the air quality around the workers to ensure their lives; the tunnel is installed with RFID readers to locate the workers. RFID the speed of the exhaust fan inside the tunnel is automatically adjusted.

Before the system is installed, the exhaust fan needs to be manually activated periodically. The main source of air pollution in the tunnel is the exhaust of fuel equipment and car exhaust.

As part of the tunnel personnel safety monitoring system, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS began developing an automated solution called the Automatic Ventilation Control System. The tunnel personnel safety monitoring system includes closed-circuit monitoring (CCTV), access control and alarms. The automatic ventilation control system provides a new level of safety for employees: real-time monitoring of air quality and automatic activation of exhaust fans.

The solution includes SensorSmart active i-B2 CC tags from Identec, the same type of UHF (Ultra High Frequency) in-tunnel vehicle identification tags. Now, about 1200-1500 tags i-B2CC have been deployed type tags.

Fixed readers with 70-80 ports are installed at tunnel intersections and entrances and exits throughout the tunnel, dividing the tunnel into different monitoring areas. The tags transmit data over a distance of up to 100 meters (328 feet), with unique codes for workers and vehicles sent every two minutes. The sensors used in the system are made by GFG to measure mainly nitrogen dioxide (NO II, carbon monoxide (CO) in the tunnel through a wired connection to forward the measurement information to SensorSmart software.

The SensorSmart software is installed on a central server in the Transportation Department. Each tag is coded with an employee number and contractor and is stored in the SensorSmart software database. Analysis of the data obtained from the sensors CO or NO2 If the level exceeds the limit, the system automatically increases the exhaust volume of the exhaust fan to accelerate the air flow in the tunnel. Of course, the automatic ventilation system will automatically stop the exhaust in special cases to prevent an explosion.

Talking about the use of RFID technology in tunnels abroad to monitor the level of air pollution

The software monitors the level of gas in the tunnel and the speed of the exhaust fan in real time, said Frank, general manager of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. In addition, the personnel monitoring system can track people and automatically turn on the monitor in the tunnel in case of emergency. The automatic ventilation system also helps the project to save energy, RFID when the tag detects workers in the tunnel, the exhaust fan is in operation, otherwise it will turn off the exhaust fan.

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