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The first 55nm smart card chip born in Shenzhen UW

Update time:2023-03-27 10:03:31 / Views:98

(SMIC) and Beijing Zhongdian Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd (Huada Electronics) jointly announced that Huada Electronics has launched Chinas first 55nm smart card chip with SMICs 55nm low power consumption (LL) embedded flash memory (eFlash) The platform features small size, low power consumption and high performance and has been supplied in mass production, and its excellent performance has been widely recognized by customers Its excellent performance has been widely recognized by customers.

SMICs 55nm low-power embedded flash platform provides a high-performance, low-cost solution for smart card chip customers. The platform has full logic compatibility, all 1.2V logic library IP this embedded platform can be used; logic voltage lower 1.2V core devices can minimize chip power consumption and improve product performance; copper process is used at a later stage. Due to the electromigration properties of copper can improve resistance, existing designs can use higher current density to create better performance and reliability; chip area is greatly reduced, smaller size makes it possible for large flash memory applications; as the flash memory cells continue to reduce, the chip area will be further optimized to achieve cost efficiency. The technology platform has now passed product reliability testing and is capable of meeting the requirements of standard smart card applications. Currently, the technology platform has passed product reliability tests to meet the application requirements of standard smart cards. Based on this platform, Welltec Electronics has successfully brought Chinas first smart card chip based on 55nm advanced technology to the market.

Welltec Electronics has been committed to exploring new technologies and applications of analog circuit design techniques and system setup based on 55nm process

The first 55nm smart card chip was born in Shenzhen Welltec

The research results are applied to product development for fast time-to-market of new products, including computing technology, 12-inch wafer testing and scratch reduction technology. Dong Haoran, General Manager of Welltec Electronics, said: "The successful cooperation with SMICs 55nm smart card chip further consolidates Welltec Electronics leading position in the domestic field, and shows us SMICs efforts to promote the development of advanced technology, and we are impressed by its stable and complete technology platform, and believe that through our joint efforts, we can provide customers with low-cost, low-power, high reliability and durability products."

SMIC has been focused on providing differentiated products and high quality manufacturing services with highly integrated platforms and efficient solutions with advanced technologies to better meet customers needs." Dr. C.Y. Qiu, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of SMIC, said, "Hada Electronics is a driving force in smart card chip technology in China. We are pleased to be our partner and to help it launch leading smart card chip products. Currently, the smart card market in China is growing rapidly. SMIC will continue to deepen our cooperation with Wah Tat Electronics to jointly explore the market and help our customers win more market share with our advanced technology platform and perfect services."

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