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Tax service card is a tool for taxpayer identification, tax enterprise interaction and tax service

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What is tax service card, the use and precautions of tax service card

Tax service card is a tool for taxpayer identification, tax enterprise interaction and tax serviceTax service card is a tool for taxpayer identification, tax enterprise interaction and tax service, which realizes the digitalization of taxpayer identification and intelligent self-help taxation and provides taxpayers with all-round, all-weather and all-process tax service. At present, the tax service card mainly adopts inductive IC card, which has 1K bytes that can be encrypted storage space, realizes data exchange through RF and is easy to use. Equipped with 32-bit device JHIC-RS card reader.

At present, many tax bureaus in order to adapt to the tax management situation and information tax management requirements, with self-service tax terminal equipment, better implementation of the tax staff system, standardize tax-related matters, and further improve the quality and efficiency of tax management and services, the national tax authorities will officially promote the tax service card to improve tax efficiency.

The main uses of tax service card.

1.To confirm the legal and valid identity of tax and other business personnel.

2. To do taxation through self-service tax machines.

3. Declaring taxes, purchasing invoices and handling various tax-related matters with the tax service card.

4. As the contact record of tax-enterprise interaction, record tax-related situations such as training and regular tax meetings organized by tax authorities.

5. As one of the carriers for transmitting electronic information of enterprises and implementing taxation services.

Notes on tax service card.

1. Tax service card is one card for one household, and its use is limited to the taxation personnel of the unit.

2. Tax service card should be kept properly and avoid folding.

3. If the tax service card is lost or damaged, please get the application form of tax service card replacement from the tax service hall or the competent tax authority.

At present, Card Cube provides tax service cards and tax service card reading equipment-JHIC-RS driver-free IC card reader for many tax bureaus. Card Cube's mature production technology, exquisite products and efficient services have been unanimously affirmed by many regional tax bureaus. At present, the daily output of various induction cards exceeds 400,000 cards, which can be customized according to the prescribed requirements. New and old customers are welcome to customize.

Card Cube is a professional smart card manufacturer in China. Our main products include contact IC cards, induction IC cards, visual cards, CPU cards, ID cards, NFC various smart cards with a daily output of more than 400,000 pieces, such as business cards and smart card readers. Now we customize and develop JHIC-U inductive IC card reader at customers' request, its plug-and-play, development-free and driver-free features have been welcomed by many customers.

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