Card Cube RFID Wood Card

Monthly throughput is approximately 1,000,000 items.

In 2022, RFID Wood Card become more popular for users in the market


Now everyone pays more attention to environmental protection, especially in Europe and North American Countries. Therefore, Card Cube has launched an environmentally friendly wood RFID card.

Advantages of wood raw material

In addition to the environmental advantages of the RFID wood card itself, wood processing has the lowest energy consumption compared to other materials. In addition, wood has good visual, tactile, olfactory, and moisture absorption properties.

RFID wood card is a symbol of enhancing taste

With people’s increased awareness of environmental protection, wood products have become popular. When users travel, they treat the use of wood cards as a trendy fashion and also go to social media posts to show off their high-end taste. At the same time, the action of users unconsciously helps businesses to spread the brand logo printed on the wood card, to enhance the impact of the business brand.

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Support OEM/ODM customization requirements for RFID wood card

Customizable in many material styles

We can customize the logo, color, pattern, and shape.

Support a variety of processes to make wooden cards

It supports debossed logo, colourful printing, laser QR code, laser number, and golden shiny. Mokka can be treated with a waterproof layer.

Customizable wood material

We can customize black walnut / cherry / sapele / beech / bamboo / birch etc.

Customizable chip type

Use Mifare, Ntag215, and other mainstream chips, embed various high-frequency and low-frequency chips into the silicone wristband to meet the needs of the ignorant scene.

Card Cube Profile

CardCube has been a leading Chinese manufacturer of quality RFID customized products for a long time, with 12 years of experience.

Founded in 2010, over the years, Card Cube has become the market leader for smart cards, RFID wristbands, keyfobs, and RFID custom products. As the largest manufacturer of RFID custom products, Card Cube owns three marketing teams, one design team, one research team with more than 600 staff. The headquarter is located in Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, which covers approximately 20,000 square meters, and it’s branch factory lies in Ningxia that covers an area of 13,000 square meters in total.

Our professional R&D team and manufacturing team with strong technology make it possible for us to provide customers with one-stop service, including designing, developing, producing,personalizing and packing.

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