Chairman of the Board


Leo Liu

Chairman of the Board, one of the co-founders of Card Cube, a top-class instructor of Alibaba, founder & Chairman of Shenzhen HOJOJODO Smart Technology Co., Ltd, as well as the Vice President of the Fujian Zhangzhou Chamber of Commerce.

With his excellent marketing and resource integration capabilities, Card Cube has quickly become a dark horse in the Internet of Things industry.

General Manager


Jeff Fang

One of the co-founders of Card Cube, who has been working in the smart card field since 1996.

Due to his years of management, the overall business performance of Card Cube has grown by leaps and bounds, and the production capacity has increased significantly.

With his diligent and pragmatic attitude towards work, each one of the company has been affected, which has been highly praised by the industry. At the same time, because of his well connect ability, customers’ problems of chain supply has been solved, which has established solid foundation for Card Cube.

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Deputy General Manager


Jason Zhang

One of the co-founders of Card Cube, who has been working in access control industry since 1998. He is so passionate about the industry.

In the lead of him, along with the engineering department, they together, painstakingly have developed the chip encryption technology and customized RFID products, which enables himself accumulate rich experience. Thus, he is the core strength of the company’s rapid development and product diversification.

Sales Director

Elva Zhang

Elva has been selling RFID products since 2013, who joined Card Cube in 2015.

She has served as a sales manager and consultant to more than 2,000 companies around the world, along with different types of customer groups for many years, which enables her accumulate rich experience in RFID products. Accordingly, she can offer the best solutions of the RFID products for customers.

Thus, she has won the praise of customers, and has led the foreign trade team to make more breakthroughs.

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