Hotel Management – Hotel Cards and Silicone Wristbands
In addition to providing accommodations for tourists, a hotel is a place of entertainment, and it functions as a business and conference center as well. However, there are still many challenges related to the controlling system, management service, data system, security and so on.

Program Profile:
Through the application of RFID products, a sound system can be effectively established in these aspects, like staff management, hotel security, conference and banquet arrangement, the establishment of entertainment centers, and hotel data, etc.

Benefit Analysis:

1. The hotel intelligent lock can match with the RFID smart card by using an IC card, which makes encryption and data writing possible. In that situation, guests can quickly check-in, which is not only more efficient, time-saving but also money-saving for the operating costs of the hotel.

2. Problems of hotel attendance, patrol, elevator management, cyber hotel management, and other issues can be solved by using a staff card. With the help of RFID read and write equipment and various application software, it will effectively regulate the work and life activities of hotel employees. No manual intervention is required, and it is time and effort saving, accurate and efficient.

3. Events, conferences, banquets are the core businesses of the hotel. The RFID smart card, as the identification of activities, can be applied to save time and improve efficiency.

4. Regarding the hotel membership mechanism, there is a large amount of data in shelve in disorder, while the RFID smart card can be used to establish a set of hotel star-level membership system to enhance the survival rate in customer retention.

Products Recommendation:
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