Access Control in Smart Community -Smart Cards and Epoxy Keyfobs
With the improvement of living standards, people have set higher requirements for their living conditions. People pay more attention to the security of residential areas. Residents enjoy the convenience of residential areas, but also propose higher requirements to improve the efficiency and safety of their living areas.

Program Profile:
RFID technology is the core of access control system, which achieves convenience, safety, real-time modern management, and rights of personnel and the functions of information supervision and administration.

Benefit Analysis:

1. The door control system can effectively control the access of personnel through the use of epoxy keyfobs and smart cards, and also control the behavior of personnel in buildings and sensitive areas. Residents must have a pass to be allowed to enter. Access control system can effectively manage the opening and closing of the door, ensure the free access of authorized personnel, restrict unauthorized personnel access, and provide further protection for residential security.

2. Application of RFID technology may improve the function of community governance, enhance the safety management capabilities, and improve community preparedness. All entries and exits records are kept in the computer, which can provide effective and reliable evidence for the public security to investigate the case.

3. RFID smart cards and epoxy keyfobs are of positive significance for reducing property costs, improving service quality, perfecting community public services, exercising scientific management and creating value-added services. The safe and scientific access control system is more conducive to the development of developers and it promotes the development of real estate.

Product Recommendations:
Smart Cards; Epoxy Keyfobs