Subway Payment - Metro Cards and Metro Tokens
With the development of society, the pace of life becomes faster and faster, which makes taking the subway become the first choice for travel. There is no traffic jam, and no need for passengers to wait, so in many modern cities, it constitutes an important part of people's daily life. With the rise of the quick pass of bank cards, the maturity of third-party payment, and the widespread use of NFC on smart phones, virtual tickets have gradually turned into one favorite payment way of passengers. However, take the QR code as an example, time can’t be guaranteed for online transactions, and fare evasion can not be avoided for offline transactions. Still, people are facing many problems.

Program Profile:
RFID reading and writing technology can automatically manage the information of token box, in the automatic ticket vending machine, which is of great significance to the efficient and reliable operation of the metro system.

Benefit Analysis:

1. Metro tokens are used by most metro companies to protect the environment by being simple in production, small in size, easy to carry, high in resistance to destruction and reusable. 

2. Metro tokens has strong reliability, safety and flexibility in use, and long life spans, which owns their advantages and can be widely used in the rail transit industry. 

3. Metro tokens can meet the requirements of flexible billing. Furthermore, they improve the efficiency of passenger traffic and save operational costs.  

4. Bus cards are made of PVC material, with contactless reading, and writing, whose reaction time are about 0.4 seconds. The card style can be customized. Additionally, they can highlight the city-style and public transport industry characteristics.

Products Recommendation:
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