Events Solution – RFID Fabric Wristbands and RFID Disposable PVC Wristbands
With the rapid development of the economy and the general increase in people's income, tourism, sports, entertainment and other forms of competition and leisure activities have become more and more frequent. The prevention of faking tickets, scalping tickets, getting fast ticket passes and security nowadays are the main tasks and demands for organizers and managers.

Program Profile:
By adopting the advanced RFID technology, we can provide event organizers with an information system based on real-time data collection. The establishment of an electronic management system can achieve the whole process of ticket production/sale, ticketing inspection/checks, ticketing management, data collection and settlement, data aggregation and statistics, information analysis, forgery verification, and reporting.

Benefit Analysis:

1. The economic losses caused by admittance repeatedly due to counterfeit fake tickets or one ticket for several people will be completely eradicated by wearing RFID disposable pvc wristbands.

2. Through the use of wristbands, manual data input can be cancelled, and timely and accurate traffic flow data will be provided for analysis and decision-making, which greatly improves working efficiency. 

3.The applications of wristbands will enhance the level of events management and service quality. 

4.For their fashion looks, brand image and reputation of the organizer in the events will be enhanced.

5.Credit can be added to RFID wristbands, so that consumers can make small payments, such as beverage and food cost. Under such circumstances, customer satisfaction and experience for sure will be improved.

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