Bus Payment - Bus Cards and RFID Epoxy Keyfobs

With the construction of the smart city, the bus card plays an important role. It not only functions as a necessary tool for citizens to travel but also represents a city. When taking a bus, payment way is a significant factor for traffic experience, and nowadays people still face many challenges.

Program Profile:

The application of the IC card reader based on MCU and RF technology in the bus automatic charging system is safe, convenient, fast and reliable. It solves the problem of frequent and trivial charging in the urban public transportation service industry, which can be widely applied.

Benefit Analysis:

1. Compared with the IC card, the RFID epoxy keyfob is portable. It is not merely thick and wear-resistant, but also looks very beautiful, which can be used as small pendants of mobile phones, keys, and other items.

2. The RFID epoxy keyfob can encapsulate all kinds of smart chips. It is dustproof, waterproof, three-dimensional. Besides, it is small and exquisite, which makes up for the deficiency of the bus card, and also makes the bus IC card lively and cute. Moreover, it is worthy of collection.

3. The bus card is made of PVC material, with RFID contactless reading and writing, whose reaction time is about 0.4 seconds. The card style can be customized. Furthermore, it highlights the city-style and public transport industry characteristics.

Products Recommendation:
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