Car Driving Solution - Portrait Cards of Driver's Licenses

Driving brings all sorts of convenience to travelers with the driver licenses. However, with the development of science and technology, the level of falsification is getting better and better. How to distinguish the driving license is a difficult problem in the daily work of the toll station personnel and other related personnel of expressway.

Program Profile:
RFID technology increases the difficulty in fabricating the portrait card in combination with the anti-counterfeiting techniques, and counterfeiting can be prevented and eradicated by watermarks or anti-counterfeiting films. Meanwhile, RFID technology can reduce the possibility of false receipts and omissions to the minimum, and achieve nationwide fast query and identification, which can be widely applied.

Benefit Analysis:

1.RFID technology enables automatic charging and is accurate and reliable. Thereby it can reduce fuel consumption and emissions of vehicles, and speed up the passage of vehicles. At the same time, it will minimize the possibility of false receipts and omissions, increase toll handling capacity and lane traffic rates, and avoid traffic jams. For sure, it brings convenience to people.

2. RFID technology acquires real-time and accurate vehicle-related information, including license number, car appearance, annual inspection information, and driving position. It will realize the nationwide fast networked inquiry and identification, and it also can achieve a mutual check among the administrative departments. It effectively utilizes the resources, realizes the information sharing and strengthens the administrative management.

3. Watermark or anti-counterfeiting film on the portrait card will bring an end to counterfeiting. Meanwhile, it can avoid the waste of government resources and the formation of a bad social atmosphere.

Products Recommendation:

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