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RFID Leather Key Fob

Leather RFID keyfob tag is designed in a luxury and unique appearance. Nice and attractive performance with keychain which is extremely easily to carry. We offer series of RFID key fob to satisfy different customer’s needs.

Leather RFID key fob with LF/HF/UHF chip technologies for various kinds of smart RFID applications in access control, time attendance, security system. All Leather RFID keyfobs can be customized as requirements for printing, color, package etc. We can make a silk printing and hot stamp printing on leather RFID fob.

Product details

LF01 is a fully waterproof and durable faux leather RFID key fob with a metal ring. With its exclusive and sophisticated rectangular design, it can be customised using pad printing, while serial numbering can be applied using laser technology. KF011 is available in elegant colours: dark purple, dark blue, light blue, red, white, grey and black, in LF (chips: EM4200, EM4550 or TITAN, ATA5577 or T5567, HITAG2), HF (chips: MIFARE CLASSIC 1K EV1 S50, MIFARE CLASSIC 4K EV1 S70,  MIFARE DESFIRE EV2 4K, MIFARE DESFIRE EV3 2K/4K/8K, MIM1024/PRIME, NTAG213) and COMBO LF+HF (chips: MIFARE CLASSIC 1K EV1 S50 + EM4200, MIFARE CLASSIC 1K EV1 S50 + T5567, MIFARE DESFIRE 4K/8K EV3 + EM4200, MIFARE DESFIRE 4K EV3 + ATA5577) frequencies. 


Features of Leather RFID Keyfob

Material: High quality leather

Frequency: 125kHz, 13.56MHz, 860~960MHz

Available chip: LF, HF, UHF

Crafts: Silk-screen printing, laser number printing, hot stamp, embossed, etc.

Reading distance: 1~5 CM