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Enterprise one card in the construction should pay attention to

A card is a variety of functions on a card! To achieve a card multi-use intelligent management, a card involved in an increasingly wide range of industries, such as transportation, access control, time and attendance, consumer payment, transportation charges, facilities charges, parking fees, etc.. From the users point of view, one card can be divided into three categories: consumption management applications, identification applications, energy saving and environmental protection applications. Consumption management class applications such as: canteen sales system, membership consumption management system, parking fee management system, computer room on the management system, etc. Here we will understand what matters should be noted in the construction of enterprise one card.

    1. Clear construction goals: At present, there are many enterprises to build a card does not have a clear goal. Because they do not know what is the significance of building an enterprise card or what benefits it can bring to the enterprise. Just see other companies come up, if their own business is not on the trend is not to keep up. This has caused companies to blindly choose suppliers to copy the patterns of others. Often it is only after the system is online that they find that it is not suitable for their own business management model. As a result, money is spent but no purpose is achieved, resulting in a waste of corporate investment. So it is recommended that enterprises in the construction of a card before the first clear enterprise card system construction goals. 

  2. Good research work, good pre-planning: enterprise card system involves every person in the enterprise in the enterprise production, life activities. Involves many functional departments of the enterprise. So do a good job of preliminary research is very important. Enterprise card construction is a long-term, need to deepen the work. So before the construction of a card must do a good pre-planning. System capacity, system scalability should be fully considered. 

  3. Step-by-step implementation: the characteristics of the enterprise card system determines that its implementation is not possible in one step. We recommend that enterprises do a good job in the overall planning of a card system for step-by-step implementation. On the one hand, let users have a gradual adaptation process. On the other hand, in the process of use can be found in time to facilitate the implementation of some problems in time to fix the plan for the subsequent subsystem design and modification of views, so that it is more suitable for business needs. 

  4. Choose the supplier carefully: the size of the enterprise card supplier, design capability, implementation experience and other factors directly determine the success or failure of the enterprise card construction. Therefore, we recommend that enterprises must conduct multiple inspections when choosing suppliers.

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