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RFID PVC Mirror Hook

Card Cube is a manufacturer and supplier of NFC and RFID technology products. Products include RFID tag, RFID card, RFID wristbands, NFC sticker, RFID key fob, RFID reader and other RFID technology products.

    RFID PVC Mirror Hook-PVC Mirror Hook with RFID Tags

    Our RFID parking permit hangers come with a rear-view mirror hook for easy application to a car or other vehicle,made from a soft PVC with a RFID Chip applied within a sticker for contactless vehicle identification.
    Car Parking passes and other vehicle ID will help to identify and manage vehicles at festivals and other live events.

    Material & Design
    Material: 320 Micron thin PVC
    Full colour printed both sides
    RFID applied within a sticker
    Other card, recyclable paper mirror hook options available

    Key Info
    Size: 89mm x 216mm
    Lead time: 3 Weeks
    Min Quantity: 500
    Water resistant

    Optional Features
    Barcodes, QR codes & variable data
    Custom foiling

    Please note: additional features may incur additional costs & production times.


    RFID Rear View Mirror Hang Tags | William Frick & Company