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Animal Glass Tag

RFID Microchip Injectable Syringe For Animal Glass Tag, The glass tube bioelectronic tag is suitable for pet dog, working dog and animal identification in animal husbandry.

RFID Animal Tag

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Size200mm x 70mm
Storage temperature:-30~75℃
Working Temperature-20~65℃
Service SuppliedOEM,ODM (from moulding to production)
Weight:About 5g

RFID implantable tag syringe is a kind of special electronic device for animal identification and electronic management. It is an electronic ID card that can be automatically identified for animals. People can easily identify each individual animal through various types of special readers. In this way, many animals such as individual screening, data statistics, tracking control, automatic breeding, behavior management, etc

Scientific research, breeding, management, investigation and other work have the technical means to achieve automation and informatization, and the ability of tracking and management of animals will be greatly improved.

The glass tube bioelectronic tag is suitable for pet dog, working dog and animal identification in animal husbandry. The glass tube electronic label is divided into read-only type and read-write type. It is produced by adopting biochemical medical materials and processes, and fully conforms to the international standard iso11784 / 85. At present, it has been widely used at home and abroad to manage the whole process of animal growth in an all-round way.

Syringe for Animal Glass Tag 2

2. characteristics

Passive active chip

Independent packaging, simple injection / implantation, convenient operation

Unique ID number, advanced security functions (data integrity check, encrypted identity authentication)

The chip is packed in bio glass, small in size and light in weight

The surface of the chip is covered with a biological an-tiskid coating, which is non repellent and non free

Original imported animal chip, stable operation

Strictly disinfect before delivery

It conforms to the international iso11784 / 11785 FDX-B standard and is universal in the world



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