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Product Description

Product Specification :

Material : PP
Structure : Foot Pedal
Feature :  Sustainable, Stocked
Place of Origin : China
Color : White, black,gray,red,blue,yellow,blue
Packing : 3 sets /CTN
Leadtime for sample :  3-5 days
Application : Public Places..etc
Logo : Customer Logo
Advantage : Environment

What is a bin tag,How do bin tags work?

Encouraging householders to source separate materials into the correct bin at the kerbside is a significant challenge for waste management practitioners. Using a combination of tools and strategies, the Bin Tagging Program has been designed to improve kerbside source separation.

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Bin tagging is a method of providing direct feedback on the content of waste, recycling and greenwaste/organics bins to residents by placing a tag on each bin to indicate if the contents are appropriate. The tags provide specific feedback on the content of the bin as well as some general guidance on what can and can’t be placed in the kerbside bin.

Bin auditors conduct a simple visual assessment of the contents of each bin at the kerbside (prior to collection). Data for each household is collected, based on this assessment. Then a tag is placed on the bin, providing individualised feedback about the content of the bin.

The Program can provide both incentives and enforcement options to encourage appropriate disposal practice. Enforcement occurs at the end of the tagging period and is only used when bins are severely contaminated

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