Waterproof NFC Epoxy Proximity social media Smart Tags With customized Logo

Product Description

Model : RFID Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01
Material : Epoxy + PVC
Size : 50mm*30mm, 45mm*30mm
IP Waterproof Rating : IP68
Working Temperature : -35ºC to +75 ºC
Writing Cycle : 100,000 times
Color : Blue, Red, White, Black, Green, Yellow, Gray, or Customized

Applications :
1.Access Control 2.Vehicles, Home, Hotels, Offices, Parking Lots and Other Types

Available Chips :
TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag S2048 etc.

RFID Epoxy Keyfobs

Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 01 2
Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 03

Size and COLOR can be customezed

Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 05 1 Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 07 CUSTOMIZABLE : LOGO / COLOUR / PATTERNEpoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 09

LOGO : It can be a corporate identity, it can be a mascot in your heart, put what you want in you heart.
PATTERN : Exquisite creative patterns, Any customized we can do
COLOUR : Customize any Pantone color according to your favorite lucky color
CHIP : Various Tag formats can be embedded in the silicone wristband

Products display

Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 11

Why choose ?

Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 13

Epoxy + PVC material : Selected Epoxy + PVC artificial environmental, protection Epoxy + PVC material, smooth texture and comfortable feeling
Temperature resistance : The product can withstand -40 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius high temperature and low temperature
High quality copper + chip : Priority copper qualified chips and copper wires have passed strict selections and processing.
Durable : Waterproof, anti-drop, 100,000 times reading and write


Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 16 01

● Elimate ticket fraud, fakes and pass-back
● Speed up entry and eradicate queues
● Seamless integration with any ticketing systems or event management&analytic software
● Control multiple zones with one system (GA, VIP, Camping, Production)
● Gather real-time patron data to manage customerflow and zone capacity


Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 16 03


● Engage audiences and increase sponsorship revenue 15%-30%
● Enhanced opportunities for sponsor activations
● Ticket-holders become real-time brand advocates or event management&analytic software
● Reach new online audiences
● Promote before, during and post event

Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 16 05


● lncrease on-site event revenues by up to 35%
● Dramatically reduce queuing time
● Super fast food and beverage transactions (less than 1 second)
● Cost saving from handling and administering of cash
● Deep, smart customer data and analytics


Epoxy Keyfob Keychain 01 18

1.SPA, Clubs, Gyms          2.Office Buildings         3.Rental Apartments         4.School System
5.Housing System         6.Access Control         7.Warehouse Tool Management         8.Security System

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