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100% of all NEW PVC/PET
85.5mm*54mm standard size(customizable)
Spot UV ,Serial number ,QR code ,Magnetic strip ,White signature panel ,Hot stamping sliver /golden,Hologram ,Transparent,Embossed number ,scratched off

What are Membership Cards?
Membership cards identify members of any professional or recreational club, and are commonly used at businesses like gyms, grocery stores, and book shops. Membership cards can also be used with special software to track important data such as what time they’re used, how often they’re used, and other information on the cardholder. Membership can take on many forms, from photo identification cards to colored cards depending on your needs.

As an organization, it’s important to know that membership ID badges serve a myriad of functions, from tracking the number of members who use a service every day to counting how many times each member uses his or her card. Most membership ID cards contain a barcode or magnetic stripe encoding that is read by a scanner and integrated with a software program to gather data. If your club, organization, or business offers membership benefits, then incorporating a membership card program is a necessary component.

Membership cards are often paired with specialty software to manage membership activities. Once membership management software is in place, compatible cards can usually be printed and encoded using a standard ID card printer.

Are Membership Cards the Right fit for My Organization?
Membership cards can provide innumerable benefits for both the member and the provider. For the member, these cards set them apart from non-members, making them feel part of an exclusive group and proud to be a member. Members also tend to get special access to membership perks depending on the type of organization or company. For businesses, membership ID cards can be an effective way to bolster revenue and instill member trust. If you represent a fitness club or grocery chain and are considering membership cards for your members or customers, we encourage you speak with one of our ID card specialists.

Ready to Learn More About Membership ID Cards?
Card Cube systems can be used to print and encode cards to work with almost any existing membership program. If your organization already has a membership program in place, get in touch with us about solutions for printing and encoding cards or keytags for your existing system. Card Cube has established itself as a leader in developing successful membership card systems for businesses and organizations across all industries. Call us today for a free, no-hassle consultation.


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