RFID Blocking Card

Product Description

  • 【ESSENTIAL FOR THE MODERN DAY】Protect yourself from data thieves who skim & steal your personal financial information within seconds. Avoid wasting hours of cancelling credit cards and anxiety over identity theft. Travel safely & securely with confidence knowing you are protected with our RFID blocking card & will not be a victim
  • 【SECURE YOUR INFORMATION】Protects credit cards, debit & ATM cards, passports, driver’s licenses & other RFID-enabled contactless Smart Cards. Lined with an electromagnetically opaque shield to block signals from high-tech pickpockets & unauthorized electronic scanning devices
  • 【SLIM & COMPACT 】 It’s the size of a credit card and ultra-thin. It easily slips into the card slot in your wallet. You wouldn’t even know it’s there! No more fiddly and fussy sleeves
  • 【CHEAPER YET MORE ADVANCED PROTECTION THAN RFID SLEEVES 】Say goodbye to a stack of bulky and fiddly card sleeves! The simplest, yet most advanced, solution and prevention to identity and financial information theft. Simply insert the card into your wallet or passport holder and enjoy the immediate protection

Why do you need this RFID Blocking Cards?

A BBC report recently showed how thieves can walk through a shopping center and gather contactless credit card details from over 50 cards in less than 20 minutes simply by walking up close to people with a scanner. Credit & Debit Card fraud has risen over 31% due to wireless theft in recently years. Protect your money, identity and information safe.

What does cardcube Card signal blocker work with? The contactless card Works on 13.56MHz frequency. This includes, but is not limited to: –Debit/Credit Cards –Driver’s License –Passports

Packaging Details — 2 Pcs RFID/NFC Blocking Card (Packed in a GIFT box)


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How does the Card work?

The RFID Blocking Card works by drawing power from the scanner, and emitting a counter-signal to jam the communication. This protects the surrounding cards within a 2 inches radius. It can stop transmissions of personal information to a remote RFID device.

Same Size as Credit Card & Ultra Thin

The RFID Blocking Card is the same size as a standard credit card and 0.03inches thick with built-in internal circuitry.

Works on 13.56MHz frequency

Protect yourself from data thieves who skim & steal your personal financial information within seconds. Travel safely & securely with confidence.

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