RFID Access Control Card

Product Description

Product Specification :

Hotel Key Card


85.5*54mm or Customized
Chip Type

125khz: TK4100,EM4200,EM4305,T5577

13.56mhz: S50.S70.F08.
Read Range
UHF : 1-10m ; HF/Lf : 0-10cm(depends on the reader and antenna)
Traffic/Insurance/Parking/School/Library/Management/SuperMarketing/Access Control etc.

What are access control cards?

An access control card is a card that works in conjunction with an access control system to act as a key, granting and restricting access as required. Most access control cards are the same size as a debit card or driving licence.

The term “access control card” can be considered a catch-all for several varieties of card. We’re sure you’ll have heard of, or used some of them: magnetic-stripe cards, proximity cards, smart cards, RFID cards, key cards.

They all look largely the same, but they actually vary considerably in how they are read by card readers and the level of security they offer.

Access control card with card reader

Before we look at the different technologies, let’s start with the basics: The cards work alongside access control systems and readers to provide secure entry to a building, organisation or workplace.

They can be considered the 21st century alternative to the lock and key and are used to secure thousands of organisations, businesses and facilities across pretty much every sector.

Card Cube customers include universities, hospitals, public sector bodies, hotel chains and large corporations. In short, access control cards are the easy, secure way to control entry.

As well as permitting entry though, lots of access control cards have other capabilities too. They can carry personal data relating to the card holder, record clocking in/out information for employees and students and be activated or deactivated at the moment’s notice via an access control system. So let’s have a more in-depth look at their benefits.


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