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Reading range: 2-10CM
security protection, fastness, one time use, tamper proof
network cabling, petrochemical, asset management
serial number, QR code, encode etc

What is a cable tire label?

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Durable tire labels are used to identify new and used tires for storage and inventory control. It is very suitable for garages, car dealers, professional car service stations, storage facilities and scrap yards. Competitive price.

It sticks firmly to all types of rubber tires (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, tractors, etc.) and any other rubber products. These tire labels are made of special paper and can withstand abrasion, arctic cold and extreme heat, water, humidity and other harsh conditions. Even in the presence of water and humidity, this ultra-persistent strong adhesive can maintain adhesion.

They can use thermal transfer printers to print 1D and 2D barcodes, serial numbers, text and graphics. Permanent markers, pens and other writing instruments are also accepted.

Our rubber tire labels are available in white and color. Custom labels of any size, shape, color and configuration can be provided. We can also print company logos, graphics and data according to customer requirements.

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