Poverty Reduction of Ningxia and Introduction of Ningxia Factory

Ningxia was for long an officially designated poverty area, and is still located on the lower rungs of the developmental ladder, which is unattractive as a manufacturing center. Furthermore, Ningxia has yet to become a hub for consumption due to its low population.

Ningxia is a relatively dry, desert-like region and features a diverse geography of forested mountains and hills, table lands, deserts, flood plains and basins cut through by the Yellow River. The Ningxia ecosystem is one of the least studied regions in the world. Significant irrigation supports the growing of wolfberries, a commonly consumed fruit throughout the region, which makes Ningxia the principal region of China where wolfberries are grown.

The ethnic composition of Ningxia includes the Han (Chinese), who is  the majority of the population; Hui (Chinese Muslims), at more than one-third of the population, the largest minority group; and Manchu and small numbers of Tibetans and Mongols. Nearly all the people speak Mandarin Chinese, with some speaking Tibetan and Mongolian. The predominant religions are Islam and Buddhism; Islam has the most believers, primarily among the Hui.

Given the circumstances of Ningxia Factory, Card Cube Group set up a branch factory there, which covers an area of 13,000 square meters in total. On account of that, an abundance of jobs are available. We aim at providing 1000 jobs for local people and now we have almost 300 employees over Ningxia. And our products like keyfobs, clamshell cards, PPS laundry coins and other customized products are all hand-made in Ningxia Factory.

As mentioned above, Ningxia is the main region of China where wolfberries grow, which is one of the sources of income for the local people. To increase local people’s income and enhance the residents’ consumption capacity, Card Cube Group keeps purchasing wolfberries from them. At the same time,  in order to give back to our valued customers for the long time of support and trust, we give them Ningxia wolfberries as a present of thanks.

So why are we doing this?

Actually, first of all, China has been implementing policy for poverty alleviation for a long time. Structural tax reductions have been made and fees have been cut across the board.

Secondly, by following Deng Xiao-ping Theory, and responding the call of  well-to-do society, we come to realize that poverty is not socialism, and to be rich is glorious. Development is the absolute principle. Also, when some people and some regions get rich first, others will be brought along and through this process, common prosperity of the entire population will be gradually achieved.

Last but not least, Fujian Province has established close relationship with Ningxia for a long time and even though Card Cube Group is located in Shenzhen, as Fujianese, our CEO, Leo Liu, has always devoted himself to poverty reduction of local Ningxia people. In the lead of our boss, Card Cube Group is enthusiastic about the public welfare establishments, and poverty reduction is one of them. As a company that has been developed for almost 10 years, we are well aware of the importance of poverty reduction and it is our responsibility to make more people out of poverty.

Join us now for poverty reduction! Not only will you get the professional service we provide with, extensive experience of us and superior quality of our products, but only you will help Ningxia residents out of poverty.

We can do better!

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