RFID Epidemic Prevention Management System for Pet

Recently, there have been many social disputes caused by the no leash dogs . How to effectively strengthen pet management, and ensure public health and safety, promote the harmonious development of the pet industry, has become a hot spot in the society.

The rfid pet dog vaccine management system fundamentally solves the problem of pet loss, abandonment and supervision. The RFID chip with the global unique identification number (UID) will be used as the pet's electronic ID card, and the pet chip will store the basic information of the pet. Through the reader, the data is transmitted to the computer application software, thereby realizing the automatic identification and analysis of the pet identity, the owner, and the information of reproduction, health and epidemic prevention, and realizing the informationization of the pet management.

Due to the openness of the pet chip user data area, as long as the reading device conforms to the chip protocol, the pet's information can be read, and the pet supervision department, the epidemic prevention department, the pet hospital  also can easily share the pet information. Therefor,we believe that the rfid system will bring great convenience for the management of pet.

The Advantages of RFID Technology
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