What Makes Card Cube Stand Out

With annual output about 170,000,000 PCS, Card Cube is in the lead of the market. Then what makes Card Cube stand out?

Card Cube was incorporated in 2010. Over the years, aiming at becoming the world largest provider for RFID customized products, Card Cube has been specializing in the R&D, design, production and marketing for smart cards, RFID wristbands , RFID keyfobs, RFID customized products, Intelligent locks and access control machines for 9 years, which means Card Cube can advise on a range of options and ensure that customers’ needs can be met.

Our professional R&D team and manufacturing team with strong technology make it possible for us to provide customers with one-stop service, including designing, developing, producing, processing, personalizing and packing.

Feedbacked by clients, it is Card Cube’s way of selecting suppliers, products management, quality control, packing management, delivery inspection, inventory management and after-sale service that matter to them, which is The Seven System of Card Cube.

Firstly, it’s the supplier chain system and that’s about how Card Cube chooses suppliers. Actually, standards for raw materials and accessories has been set up, and supplier’s qualification and production capacity has been inspected. Besides, there are procedures, like samples testing, recording, regular inspection and feedback, which are important as well.

Secondly, Card Cube applys 7S products management system, i. e. SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SAFETY AND SAVE. As a reminder, posters of preventing product defects are displayed on the wall everyday.

Thirdly, regarding quality control, Card Cube stars to perform quality control system from the very beginning. Procedures of design and development control has been implemented and schemes has been made to guarantee the design practicability of products. In the process of production, products are inspected over and over again.

Fourthly, it’s about the packing management system. Normally, general packings are offered, but they can be customized as well, and extra pcaking cost may be charged accordingly.

Fifthly, following the delivery inspection management system, Card Cube does QA spot check according to AQL, and reviews check of labels and products, and finishes delivery inspection report.

Sixthly, Card Cube owns raw material warehouse and finished products warehouse, and has it’s own strict warehouse storage standards. Basicly, the warehouse required temperature is -10℃ to -40℃, and the relative humidity is 30%-80%.

Required temperature of silicone rubber is below 37℃, and raw material shall be stored 15cm away from the floor and 50cm away from the wall. Besides, the storage life sahll not exceed 6 months.

Last but not least, following the after-sale service system, once products are shipped, tracking number and ETC are sent to customers. Shipping status is updated until products are received. Then, a satisfaction survey is sent to customer. If they are not satisfied with samples, we reproduce them. If they are not satisfied with the bulk order, sales will get into detailed investigation and solve problems properly.

Besides, Card Cube has passed ISO9001, certificated by SGS, CE, RoHs, and gains series of honorary titles such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", "International IOT and Smart China Expo Innovation Brand", "Charity Enterprise" etc.

To sum up, the Seven System is followed strictly by Card Cube, who is able to provide customers with the best quality. Besides, with nine years’ experience of designing, developing, producing, processing, personalizing and packing, and all kinds of certificates, Card Cube has a significant share of the market.

Trust simplifies everything!

Let Card Cube become your best partner ever!

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