Card Cube RFID hotel cards

Monthly throughput is approximately 1,000,000 items.

RFID hotel cards are trend of future IoT smart hotels

RFID hotel card is more secure

Nowadays, the mainstream hotel card is divided into magnetic stripe cards without a chip and RFID/NFC hotel cards with a chip. The magnetic stripe card is low-cost, but the guest information can be easily copied and leaked, which is not safe enough. RFID hotel card has very high encryption, which can ensure the privacy of the tenant’s security.

Contactless RFID hotel cards effectively reduce the risk of virus transmission

During the epidemic, tourists travel to stay in the hotel. Because the RFID hotel card is a non-contact card, it is unnecessary to contact objects to transmit information, achieve automatic door opening, automatic elevator guidance, etc. In the current epidemic phase, hotel cards can allow guests to have little contact as possible in public facilities. It effectively reduces the risk of being infected virus by touching objects.

Experience the hotel's powerful intelligent IoT services for room guests

RFID hotel cards can be used in conference check-in systems, elevator security systems, hotel card systems, check-in guest consumption systems, vehicle access control systems, etc.

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Support OEM/ODM customization requirements for RFID hotel cards

Cardcube's hotel partners.

Hilton, Marriott, Crown Plaza, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Best Western, IHG, WYNDHAM, etc.

Customizable materials: PVC/PET/PETG. Support logo customization and graphic customization.

Customizable with various processes:.

Gloss/ Varnish/ UV / Spot UV / Glittering / Gold or silver foil stamping/Laser Engraving/Hole Punch/Laser Material, etc.

Support various chips

Support all kinds of mainstream chip models, support LF/HF/UHF chips, and support high frequency and ultra-high frequency chips, to meet the needs of unintelligent scenarios. The most advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) hotel key card for lock system compatible options, including Vingcard, etc.

Card Cube Profile

CardCube has been a leading Chinese manufacturer of quality RFID customized products for a long time, with 12 years of experience.

Founded in 2010, over the years, Card Cube has become the market leader for smart cards, RFID wristbands, keyfobs, and RFID custom products. As the largest manufacturer of RFID custom products, Card Cube owns three marketing teams, one design team, one research team with more than 600 staff. The headquarter is located in Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, which covers approximately 20,000 square meters, and it’s branch factory lies in Ningxia that covers an area of 13,000 square meters in total.

Our professional R&D team and manufacturing team with strong technology make it possible for us to provide customers with one-stop service, including designing, developing, producing,personalizing and packing.

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