RFID Hotel Key Cards

RFID Hotel Card Is More Secure

Nowadays, the mainstream hotel card is divided into magnetic stripe cards without a chip and RFID/NFC hotel cards with a chip. The magnetic stripe card is low-cost, but the guest information can be easily copied and leaked, which is not safe enough. RFID hotel card has very high encryption, which can ensure the privacy of the tenant’s security.

RFID hotel cards can be used in conference check-in systems, elevator security systems, hotel card systems, check-in guest consumption systems, vehicle access control systems, etc.

RFID Key Card & lock systems

Available major hotel key card systems as bellow,a few samples will be provided to test before bulk order.

CardCube custom RFID key cards feature an embedded RFID chip that works with main hotels door locking systems.

These cards are made from a high-grade pvc material that is 100% waterproof, making them durable and ideal for multi-day use.

Available Chip Types

ISO14443A:NXP Mifare Classic 1k, Fudan 1k, NXP Mifare Ultralight EV1, NXP Mifare Ultralight C, NXP NTAG 213


ISO11785:TK4100, EM4200, T5577, HITAG 1

RFID Wood Key Cards

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