Smart Community for A Famous Apartment in Eastern Europe


With the development of society, the continuous emergence of new residential quarters and apartments has brought about great mobility of the population, and many other management difficulties, which rely solely on the manual management of property and security personnel. With serious security risks, it is urgent to improve the security construction of the community.


Card Cube has cooperated with a well - known Russian brand apartment who has adapted to the changes in the market, replacing traditional metal keys with keyfobs and RFID epoxy keyfobs because they are small and light, popular with customers, and more suitable for modern young people's way of life. The application of RFID technology facilitates the registration of apartment, the change of tenant information, and realizes intelligent management.


In cooperation with a well-known Russian brand apartments, it has accessed RFID identification and ensured the community service intelligence and convenience. Unified records of community residents information and coordination of community resources, it has enhanced the social service efficiency and integrated the social service resources.

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