Voter Cards Solution for A West African Country


As the democratic process advances, democratic elections are becoming more and more popular in various countries. As one of the most populous countries in Africa, it has demonstrated impartiality and credibility in order to prevent fraud in the elections. The National Independent Electoral Commission has decided to use biometric voter cards in the presidential elections.


Card Cube has produced 70 million voter cards for one of the counties in west African. Local government officials were amazed at our superb anti-counterfeiting technology and excellent quality, which has earned Card Cube a reputation as an expert in smart cards. Neighboring countries have followed suit and actively sought cooperation with Card Cube.


Voter cards have provided a one-on-one check of voters. It is accurate, fast, scientific and credible, which has laid a solid foundation for the country’s democratization process.

Using RFID technology to identify voters makes the election more fair, orderly and transparent. As a technical tool of the presidential election, this technology has greatly enhanced the credibility of the election, reduced the possibility of election fraud and avoided post-election riots.

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