Car Driving Solution for A West African Country


Driving brings all sorts of convenience to travelers with the driver licenses. However, with the development of science and technology, the level of falsification is getting better and better. How to distinguish the driving license is a difficult problem in the daily work of the toll station personnel and other related personnel of expressway.


Card Cube has offered more than 2 million anti-counterfeiting driving licenses to a west African country, including laser hologram film, hologram label, invisible printing, micro text, printing, OVI, high security chip and so on. They have maintained a good social atmosphere.


The application of portrait card of driver's licenses for this west African country enables automatic charging, and increases toll handling capacity and lane traffic rates. It realizes the nationwide fast networked inquiry and identification, and it also can achieve a mutual check among the administrative departments. Besides, it  effectively utilizes the resources, realizes the information sharing. Last but not least, watermark or anti-counterfeiting film on the portrait card brings an end to counterfeiting.

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