Hotel Management for the Famous Hotels Worldwide


As a business and conference center, a hotel also provides accommodations for tourists. However, there are challenges regarding controlling system, management service, data system, security and so on.


Card Cube offers RFID smart cards and wristbands for many the world's best-known hotels, such as Hilton, Sheraton, Marrito, HYATT, Best Wester, and Holiday Inn, which can provide customers with better experience. Especially the use of RFID wristbands enables cashless payments, and customers can enjoy free activities in the hotel's gym, swimming pool, sauna room, bar and other specific venues.


The application of RFID smart cards and silicone wristbands enables quickly check in. It is not more efficient, time saving, but also money-saving for the operating costs of the world famous hotel. Furthermore, it solved problems of attendance, patrol, elevator management, cyber hotel management, and other issues. In the end, s set of star-level membership system has been established that enhances the survival rate in the customer retention.

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