Tickets & Events Solution for Music Festivals


Events, like concerts are becoming more and more popular with people nowadays. Meanwhile, problems have emerged. The prevention of faking tickets and scalping tickets, and getting fast ticket passes are a few urgent tasks for events organizers.


With the 4 years’ cooperation with one of the world-renowned electronic music festival, Card Cube has produced more than 2 million RFID fabric wristbands, whose core value prop is a large amount of experience in music events. In other words, Card Cube manages a sound control system, where it is possible to custom number laser, write NDFF data, export UID data without repetitive input, and assemble RFID cards and wristbands properly.


By adopting the advanced RFID technology, event organizers can be provided with an information system based on real-time data collection, which can achieve the whole process of ticket production/sale, ticketing inspection/checks, ticketing management, data collection and settlement, data aggregation and statistics, information analysis, and so on.

Credit can be added to RFID wristbands, so that consumers can make small payments, such as beverage and food cost. Under such circumstances, customer satisfaction and experience for sure will be improved. Brand image of the organizers will surely be enhanced.

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