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25 nfc cards how to choose here is the answer

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Hey! Do you really know NFC cards? Our life has surrounded by RFID/NFC technology, but we don’t know more about this. Your cards, like credit cards, passports, membership cards, are most NFC cards or RFID cards. Now, let’s find out.

What is NFC Card?

NFC card, in short, is a smart card powered by NFC technology. As we all know, NFC is a short-range and high-frequency radio technology. It is based on RFID technology, combined with wireless interconnection technology.

NFC technology provides a very safe and fast way of communication for all kinds of electronic products. That is becoming more and more popular in our daily life.

NFC smart card integrates all the features of NFC. The communication distance is less than 10 cm, and the operating frequency is 13.56 MHz. The protocols it follows are ISO 14443A, ISO14443B, ISO 15693, etc. It is more secure than other RFID cards. And there are a variety of NFC cards that can be used in many applications.

How does NFC Card Work?

Each NFC Card is equipped with an NFC chip. NFC chip emits a specific electromagnetic wave and carries the series resonant circuit in the body. And its frequency is the same as that emitted by the reader.

After receiving the electromagnetic wave, the resonant circuit resonates to generate power. Then it will provide working voltage for other circuits. Thus, NFC cards can complete data transmission and interaction.

How to Choose an NFC Smart Card?

There are all kinds of cards, so how do we choose? Before choosing, you have to figure out how to classify them. The detailed classification has been sorted out below. Here are 25 kinds of NFC cards. Not all, but the most common NFC card types are here.

—— By Materials ——

NFC Cards come in various materials. You can choose it according to your requirements. The most common is PVC material. PET and Wood are environmentally friendly materials. PU leather is high-end and comfortable to touch. Paper is cost-effective, and smart business cards often use it.

unnamed file 83 20220117 063111unnamed file 83 20220117 063112


Ntag213ISO14443ARead & Write180 bits
Ntag215ISO14443ARead & Write540 bits
Ntag216ISO14443ARead & Write924 bits
Mifare 1KISO14443ARead & Write1 KB
DesFire EV1ISO14443ARead & Write2KB / 4KB/ 8KB
Icode SLIXISO 15693Read & Write1024 bits
Ultralight EV1 CISO14443ARead & Write640 bits or 1312 bits
FelicaSony FeliCaRead & Write4KB

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