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Enterprise RFID Event Wristbands Sourcing Guide | Share Cooperation Case

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Today, CardCube want to share some previous experience working with customers through the RFID event wristbands cooperation case.Through the case study, we will share the RFID wristband purchasing guidelines to enterprise customers.

Over 13 years of development, CardCube has collaborated with millions of domestic and international customers. Customers range from small businesses to the world-famous Fortune 500. CardCube has a strong reputation and popularity in the RFID industry due to its extensive experience in RFID product collaboration.

Enterprise RFID Event Wristbands Sourcing Guide

Enterprise RFID Event Wristbands Sourcing Guide

1. Event wristbands case experience

With the increased frequency of festival events, the prevention of counterfeit tickets and ticket dumping, and quick ticketing access have become an urgent issue. The foreign market environment differs from that of China. For ticket verification, foreign events are used to RFID event management solutions. They are more secure and dependable than the QR code tickets used in China for events.

CardCube has rich experience in the music event industry with its perfect control system, including laser numbers, writing NDEF data, exporting UID data to avoid duplicate entries, correct assembly of cards and wristbands, etc.

Due to CardCube’s previous excellent experience with various festival events, CardCube was fortunate enough to receive an order from the famous electro-music festival Ultra for the cooperation project. During the 4 years of cooperation, CardCube designed and produced over 6 million RFID event ticket wristbands for Ultra.

Ultra Music Festival RFID Wristbands

Using advanced RFID technology, CardCube provided Ultra Festival organizers with a real-time data collection-based information system. It enabled ticketing, verification, management, collection and settlement, aggregation and statistics, and information analysis. The event RFID payment function was also added to the RFID concert wristbands. It allows electro-music event participants to pay small fees, improving customer satisfaction and experience. The brand image of Ultra electro-music festival organizers was also improved.

Ultra Music Festival RFID WristbandsHow do I choose an event wristband

How do I choose an event wristband

2. How do I choose an event wristband?

Because most festival events are short-term projects with a distinct temporary character. Most event organizers only require inexpensive and efficient disposable RFID wristbands. When selecting an RFID wristband, the first thing to consider is the product’s material. The material determines the cost and effectiveness of use. Disposable RFID wristbands are available in various materials, including RFID cloth wristbands, RFID elastic wristbands, PVC plastic wristbands, Tyvek wristbands, and others. They each have benefits and drawbacks.

The benefits and drawbacks of fabric RFID wristbands

waterproof, rugged, not easily torn, lightweight, and comfortable are all benefits of fabric woven RFID event wristbands.

The benefits and drawbacks of RFID elastic wristbands

RFID Elastic Wristbands are reusable RFID bracelets made of elastic fabric that is easy to put on and take off. If the adjustable RFID wristband is used as the event wristband, in that case, the user can keep the wristband for an extended time. The physical carrier can also help to keep the brand imprint on the wristband for a long time. Even so, the cost of RFID wristbands for events is higher.

How do I choose an event wristband

How do I choose an event wristband

Disposable PVC wristbands have both advantages and disadvantages

Disposable PVC wristbands are waterproof and tear-resistant. They have a simple and generous appearance, are lightweight, and are suitable for wearing. However, there is not enough environmental protection. The material is soft but has a certain degree of hardness, and it is long-lasting and easily scratched.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands are paper RFID wristbands with an oil film treatment on the paper’s surface. It is waterproof, environmentally friendly, and low cost but easily ripped. So the Tyvek Wristband is only suitable for static activity events, such as indoor talks, meetings, interviews, etc.

3. How to maximize brand marketing with RFID festival wristbands

The RFID bracelets for events can be decorated with pictures, logos, or slogans. How to do brand marketing on the festival RFID wristband is essentially the process technology of the product. The wristbands of different materials can only use a specific process. The marketing effect achieved by other techniques will be different.

fabric knitting and Thermal Transfer Technology

These two processes are suitable for RFID woven wristbands and elastic wristbands. The fabric knitting Technology can not make different patterns on both sides of the wristband. Nonetheless, the knitting process has a more textured design, high cost, and a long production cycle. The Thermal Transfer Technology processing is the pattern embossed on both sides of the wristband; both sides can be embossed with different pictures, lower cost, economical and colorful patterns.

Processes for disposable PVC plastic wristbands.

Screen printing is more supplied on wristbands. It can also be color printing, two-dimensional printing code, bar code, or laser code.

Process for Tyvek paper wristbands.

On the Tyvek wristbands, you only can choose the color number on the color card, which range of color is less than the Pantone colors. So Your logo’s display effect may be limited. It also supports printing it by paint technology.

Small summary

If the event organizer plans to hold outdoor activities, from the combination of RFID wristband cost and marketing effect to consider. The best choice is to use the RFID fabric material, which combines the thermal transfer process to print the logo or text to make the RFID event wristbands. It is the most affordable and efficient ideal product.

If the event organizers plan to hold indoor and static activities, like indoor meetings and indoor interviews. It is advised to use a Tyvek paper wristband.

(This video was shot on the workshop of CardCube and shows the production and processing of event wristbands)

4. Do the RFID event wristbands have requirements for the choice of chips?

Most RFID event wristbands use high-frequency chips, but low-frequency and ultra-high frequency chips are not used. CardCube supports mainstream chips used in RFID products, such as

Low frequency (125KHz): TK4100 ,EM4200 ,EM4305 ,T5577 ,Hitag 1 ,Hitag S2048;

High frequency (13.56MHz): Mifare Classic S50 1k ,Mifare Classic S70 4k ,FM 11RF08 ,Ultralight EV1 ,Ultralight-C ,NTAG213 ,NTAG215 ,NTAG216 ,I Code SLIX ,Ti2048 , DesFire 2K/4K/8K;

UHF (860MHz-960MHz): Monza 4QT

In addition to the above chips, we also recommend using the Chinese Fudan University chip series, such as Fudan 1k, and Fudan 4k. Fudan chips are not inferior to the ones of foreign RFID chip manufacturers. As well, the price is more advantageous than the chips purchased abroad.

5. How do I find the best RFID wristband manufacturer?

Now You’ve decided which RFID wristbands to purchase. The next step is to discover the best RFID tag manufacturers. The more advantages the supplier has, the better for the buyer. Take CardCube as an example to describe its benefits.

Own factories

CardCube has 2 RFID custom factories covering 20,000 square meters with 500 factory employees and 300+ imported equipment. The most significant advantage of owning factories is the lower cost price of RFID products. CardCube can also support ODM/OEM requirements for various needs, including LOGO customization, color and shape customization, process customization, chip customization, material customization, etc.

Technical advantages

CardCube’s advantage RFID categories are mainly: RFID wristbands, RFID cards, RFID keyfobs, and RFID epoxy tags. CardCube’s factories can alone produce the Black Case, the protective case to protect the chip. A quality protective case ensures that the chip is waterproof and drop-proof and will work properly in any situation. Besides, the raw materials of RFID wristbands are all first-hand, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Customers can be confident in wholesale the RFID products and visit the factory to observe the RFID products process line. Card Cube’s YOUTUBE Channel has a variety of RFID products production and processing video.

Factory location advantage

CardCube has two RFID supplier factories in China, one of which is located in Ningxia, a city in northwest China. Ningxia factory can export the RFID products to the Middle East and Central Europe,  reducing costs and logistics time for customers in these regions. The other factory is located in the south of China in Shenzhen, where CardCube is headquartered. Shenzhen is the largest port in southern China. It has the potential to reduce freight costs and improve transportation efficiency significantly.

Professionals perform professional tasks

All components of the RFID product are developed and manufactured by CardCube, except for the chip. CardCube has 13 years of experience in RFID product development, production, and processing, reflecting CardCube’s professionalism.

Summary of the Article

If you are impressed by CardCube’s success stories, or if you are impressed by this article, please share it with your friends. Alternatively, you can visit CardCube official website and select the products that interest you. You can also request a free customized sample by submitting an inquiry.

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